Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Truffles for my Church

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With Mother's Day just around the bend, I have decided to make gifts for the women at my church. Now, because I know no one at my church reads this blog (I have not shared it with them) (Grow your own gnome), they will not know what I am doing for them.

This year, I have decided instead of having the church buy something for the Mom's, myself included, I would make homemade Flower Pens and Truffles. I completed all the Flower Pens a month ago and am almost complete with the Truffles. These Truffles are not real fancy as I have yet to master that part of Truffle making. I still have to put together some gold boxes and add two Truffles to each box. I was hoping to make at least 100 Truffles...we shall see...

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