Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homemade "Merry Twinsmas" Christmas T-Shirt From Mommy

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Yeah, I finally got around to making my twins Christmas T Shirt. I had purchased two long sleeve, white shirts at a mass retailer in the Fall season. With each T Shirt, I had planned to make each of my twins a Christmas T Shirt with this saying, "Merry Twinsmas".

Two years ago, on this twins clothing website, I purchased the same T Shirt for my twins. This year, as I looked at the prices of the T Shirts, I decided to make them myself. At the same mass retailer I purchased the T Shirts, I also purchased the clear rhinestones for my twins T Shirts.

To make the rhinestone T Shirts, I just followed the directions on the back of the rhinestone package. Well, I did change something. Instead of turning my T's inside out, I placed a white handkerchief over the rhinestones. I have found this works just as well as turning my T's inside out. This way also prevents the rhinestones from falling off.

Here are photos of how I went about making these "Merry Twinsmas" T's for my twin girls.

1st Step: Cut letters needed for T shirt with Scissors.

2nd Step: Remove back of each letter and place
sticky letters where needed on T shirt.

3rd Step: Turn T shirt inside out; or place white
handkerchief over each word, rub iron over each word
for 10 seconds. Do not over heat letters as the letters
will ruin their stickiness.

4th Step: Once the letters are attached to the T shirt
turn T Shirt right side in. This is what the T Shirt
will look like. Now, touch each letter to see if each letter
is attached to the material.

5th Step: This is what the final product, or T Shirt
will look like.

These T shirts are fun to make, if you have time. They only take thirty minutes to an hour to complete, depending on how many you are making. Since I made two, it took me an hour to make.

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