Friday, July 29, 2011

Being Creative Requires Having a Lot of Supplies on Hand

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For as long as I can remember I have been a creative person. Let's see, it all began when I was in elementary school. I loved to draw with pencils and colored pencils. When it came to my drawing, the only things I could draw, just as today, were abstract objects. For some reason, as much as I loved being creative, drawing from life, people, animals and trees, just did not work out for me.

Along with drawing, abstract items or what is in my mind, I love painting. Oh, I have always loved painting and this too began when I was in elementary school. As I got older, I took all sorts of art classes on high school and college. Instead of taking language classes in high school, I took two years of art classes. I still have a vivid memory of me drawing a picture from Gone With the Wind, with Scarlett wearing her green dress and green hat. I have no idea what happened to this drawing after high school, but in high school, that was one of my best drawings.

After high school, I went to my local community college and took about two drawing courses and two painting courses. It looked as if I would do something with drawing or painting, but I took a different avenue. Even though I did not use my art skills in life, I still love to draw and paint today. In fact, I always have drawing and painting art supplies in my garage. I also have a plastic box where I keep my drawing pencils, colored pencils, all sorts of paint colors, drawing paper and all sizes of painting canvases.

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