Friday, January 13, 2012

Do You Have Left Over Christmas Cookies?

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Well, I do have extra Christmas cookies left over. I think I have over twenty cookies left over. Oh goodness, I did not frost the extra cookies and it has been three and a half weeks now since Christmas Eve. Every time I go into my kitchen, I pass the cookies and say, "I need to frost these cookies or throw them away."

Finally, today I decided to make some frosting with my twins so they can help Mommy frost these cookies. I do not know about you, but I am still recovering from Christmas. My twins birthday was at the beginning of November so I always have a very busy year end..Not only do my twins have a birthday at the end of the year, so does my husband, his sister and myself.

Yeah, you would think my Christmas recovery would be over with, but I slowly recovering and I will be back on track soon.  As for my extra Christmas cookies, I am surprised my twins have not asked why we did not or have not frosted the Christmas cookies yet. Normally, my twins would have no problem asking Mommy for a "sweet" snack or for us to finish frosting these yummy Christmas cookies.

Alright, I have the ingredients needed for the frosting and I will make them red and green...and of course...add the toppings my twins like so much..

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