Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bracelet Watches are Just Beautiful

If you have not worn a watch in a while, it is time you do. Even though people these days tend to depend on their cell phone for the time, what happens of there is no more electricity and your cell phone can not be recharged? Everybody wants to know what time it is, all the time. Especially for ladies, this beautiful Lupai Bracelet Watch will fit the bill.
 The diameter of this particular watch face is 2.8cm, has a dial thickness of 0.8cm, the strap is 1cm and the band length is 19.5cm and it only weighs .37g. I really love this watch and have begun to wear it everyday. I have always loved bracelet watches, two for the price of one and this watch is classy.

The particular bracelet watch comes in more than one color as well as you can see from the image right here. I liked the gold bracelet, with the black face, but the other bracelet watches are just as beautiful. These bracelet watches are so nice, one can purchase all four of these styles to wear on various occasions.

Have you ever wanted to be a spy?

Personally, I always thought it would be cool to use spy products. Years ago, I bought a spy writing me with a camera in it and I keep it on me sometimes. When I found these sunglasses though that do so much more and are look like a cool pair of sunglasses one would want to wear, I bought them.
These sunglasses are really cool looking. These sunglasses actually cleverly hide the camera in the middle of the sunglasses. When you wear the sunglasses, you can take photos and videos of your loved ones and easily take images of events you attend throughout your life. These sunglasses are pretty amazing! 

To activate the sunglasses, all you have to do is press the power switch to begin recording color video with sound as well. The sunglasses allow for an SD card, which is not included, that can removed and inserted into you laptop or desktop computer.
 Just as you press the power button on for the video, you do the same for the camera feature as well. Nobody will ever know you are recording or taking photos of them, unless you tell them. Another great feature is that there is real time recording, so the there will be a time stamp on each photo and recording. This is an excellent product to use for journalists, recording traffic accidents and students in class. These sunglasses power is for 2-3 hours and them it will have to be recharged, it has a 720x480 30fps resolution, allows for a 32GB memory card, that is not included.

There is a 1.5 hours of recording time and it supports a Windows XP, for Vista,for Windows 7,for Windows 8 and for MAC OS computer. Also, these sunglasses come with a carrying case, wipe cloth for the sunglasses and a user manual. 
 For all my friends who are doing their own journalist work, these spy sunglasses are a must have. 

This is a great way to exercise while relaxing at home

If you are looking for a way to do a little bit of exercise at home because you are not a fan of going to a gym, this is something you might consider using. This is called the Abdominal Trainer Fitness Slimming Machine. All one does is insert batteries into each machine, attach to your arms and abdomen and turn each machine on.This exercise machine is programmed for scraping, massage, acupuncture, tapping and a combination of all.

The product package comes with the large machine above, along with two small patches for your arms that also require AAA batteries. This exercise machine works on the arms, legs, back, abdomen, legs, shoulders and waist. The larger machine above imitates the human body abdominal shape, while the smaller machines are bionic cicada wing shape designs.

As amazing as this product looks and is used by many, the product box suggests that if you have any health issues, such as epilepsy, going to have surgery, blood circulation disorder, cancer, pregnant or postpartum, skin issues, please do not use this. Also, please do not use while driving or operating a machine and please do not place this equipment and the remote controller into a microwave or close to fire.
If none of the above health issues apply to you, this is a great machine to use for slimming down without having to go to a gym.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Herbal Medicine For Beginners: This is a book for beginners you need in your library to heal 35 common ailments

Whether one has health ailments or not, this is the one book you need to have in your library. Reading this book gave me hope for healing the common cold, allergies and so much more. The author wrote this book in four parts where part one talks about learning what one needs to know about herbal medicine, part two learning where to source ones herbal medicine and part three how to make one's own herbal medicine and part four how one needs to work safely with any herbal medicine.

When the reader get to part two of the book, they will learn about such herbs as Angelica, Caneldula, this is a flower/herb I am growing which I drink as a tea to ease allergies and detox my body from unwanted things in my body that I might have eaten unbeknownst to me, Dandelion, which I also use for detoxing in tea form and I love Garlic which I add to many of my meals and Garlic is excellent for Cold and Flu issues and Immune System issues as well, I make Ginger tea and cut up Ginger pieces to add to gluten free cakes I like to make and Ginger is excellent for inflammation, arthritis, headaches, IBS and so much more, Peppermint, which I also grow and use for leaky gut and headache issues.

Oh, the author of this book writes about many other herbs that you can grow on your own and and make your own medicine at home. It is time we become self sustainable again and not fully rely on OTC drugs. We can take care of ourselves and it is fun to do as well. This book will be your guide to begin taking care of yourself with these beautiful flowers, roots and tree bark. Being self sustainable begins with learning how to make your own medicine at home.

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