Saturday, December 1, 2018

This is the ONLY Selfie Stick you will ever want, or need

So, when I bought this selfie stick, I could not wait to receive it. I liked it even before it arrived. This selfie stick is Bluetooth ready and sets up real easy for anyone with a cell phone. This selfie stick can be used for these cell phones and it has a wireless remote, along with the selfie stick also turning into a tripod for either an iPhone X/8/7/6/Plus, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8, Android or GoPro. The kicker for me in purchasing this selfie stick is that it turns into a tripod. I mean, who really wants to be holding their phone all the time when taking videos or photos right?
There are several things I like about the bluetooth capability, one is that I can take photos from up to 33 feet away from where ever I am standing, or sitting and the  bluetooth connects easily without any issues to worry about.                                                                             
If you are worried about this selfie stick being too heavy and not being able to extend, there are no worries with this selfie stick as it allows for both; this selfie stick stick is not heavy at all and is extendable from 7.8" up to 26.7". How cool is that?

Yeah, I highly recommend this selfie stick to anyone, for any occasion and just have fun with it.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

When Travelling, It Is Always Nice To Have A Memory Foam Travel Pillow

When I do travel, that is at least an hour or more from my home, using this travel memory foam pillow is a must. I really like it a lot and you will too if you are one who travels far distances.  This pillow is a made from a soft memory foam that easily goes around the back of your neck and allows your neck to rest on the pillow which becoming stressed from a long drive.

Now, when stopping your car to take a rest, you can put on the black eye mask and ear plugs to rest for a while in one of these highway rest stops for a while before continuing on with your journey to your destination.

This soft memory foam pillow is made from a hypoallergenic velour cover which makes it easy to clean as well. Now, this pillow is made from a high quality and very durable memory form.

Along with this pillow being hypoallergenic, it has a raised contour for the lobe for your neck and this cover can be removed to clean in a garment bag like I use to allow my cover to last longer.

Another thing about this pillow is both sides fold inward to make it easier for
storage purposes. As you can see from the photo below, you can see a little
storage place to place your cell phone or tablet.

Finally, the best thing I found out about this memory foam pillow is that
it is comfortable and so convenient, while being compact at the same
time and this will be just excellent for those who drive trucks for a
living as well.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I just love this tea bag gift basket and you will too

This tea bag gift basket will be an excellent gift for someone you love or even yourself. Just look at all these delicious blends you get to drink at breakfast, noon time and even for an evening sit of tea.

This Tea Bag Gift Basket contains these following items and an beautiful basket:
  •  1 x 10 count box of Teeccino Vanilla Nut tea bags
  •  1 x 10 count box of Teeccino Hazeltnut Nut tea bags
  •  1 x 10 count box of Teeccino French Roast tea bags
  •  1 x 10 count box of Teeccino Chocolaté tea bags
  •  1 x 12 oz ceramic mug branded with Teeccino logo and heart
What an excellent gift for those you love, at anytime of the year. Can't you just see a big smile opening up on your recipients face when they open up such an awesome, and healthy, gift? Of course you see it and you will be proud for giving such a healthy gift as well.

I have this exact same basket and drank all these teas as well. One of my kids is using this basket in their room to put their stuff in.

Alright friends, until next blog article, have a blessed evening.


Monica 🍂🍁🌿