Saturday, May 3, 2008

Having fun Making Homemade Cards

Making homemade cards is fun. When you make a homemade card, it shows the person you made the card for you took the time to put some love and time into a personalized card.
Sometimes, it takes me days to make a card. This is because I have to translate what is in my mind, onto a card.

Creating a personalized birthday card is something your recipient will more than likely keep.

Usually, store bought cards are saved for a couple years, then thrown away.

When someone gets a homemade card, they are usually keepers. And, your recipient may request another homemade card.

Making homemade cards for your family and friends is also a way to get the word out that you make homemade cards. If you have time to make homemade cards for others, let the orders
come in!!

On many of my homemade cards, I make my own embellishments. Why you may ask? Well, because they are, many of them, too expensive. All I do is use Microsoft Word and create my own words or phrases. It is easy to do and shows your real creative side.

God Bless!

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