Saturday, May 3, 2008

Making a Diaper Cake is Fun

When my sister was pregnant with her last baby, I made her a diaper cake. There are several ways in which to make these diaper cakes, but I choose a way that was easier for me.

These diaper cakes are costly if you purchase one from a diaper cake website. There, they have all the 'ingredients' they need to make their diaper cakes, plus more hands to make them I am sure.

When I make my diaper cakes, I use what I find at Wal Mart, Michael's or a fabric store. The cost is probably still the same for the 'ingredients' I use, they are just not always there when I need a specific item.

Let's say I want to make a Pooh diaper cake, well that is usually easy as Wal Mart carries these items. It is also easy to find baby girl colors and baby boy colors. If I wanted to make something other they these, it would be hard to find such items. Especially in my city.

Time, it also takes time and love to make these diaper cakes.

They are fun to make and will be making another one probably in September for a friend of mine. She is on her second baby.

God Bless!

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