Monday, May 5, 2008

Homemade card and scrapbook embellishments

For those who love to make homemade cards or scrapbook, you know it gets costly purchasing those 3-D stickers or embellishments.

Well, now, all you have to do is make them yourself.

Go to your local craft store, Michael's or even Wal Mart, check out the types of stickers you might want to use on your cards or scrapbooks. When you get home, make them yourself using card stock paper and your word processing software.

This is real easy to do. Of course, some of the embellishments are too complicated to make yourself. Taking a look at the types of embellishments you need make it somewhat easy for you to replicate.

Making your own embellishments is fun because sometimes, you can not find what you are looking for. Therefore, you have to make them yourself.

Just have fun making them and your recipient will thank you for taking the time to make their card and the stickers.


  1. Amiable back-to-the-fireplace stuff. Enjoyable.

  2. I am into scrapbooks as well and thanks for this blog. Your blog looks better than mine but I'm glad that we hook up on here.
    Keep adding one or more a day to your blog because there are lots of places online that pays bloggers.


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