Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Personalized Graduation Cards

If you have or had a family member or friend graduating this year, making them a personalized graduation card is fun and will brighten their day.

They are easy to make a just take your creativity.

Making a personalized card takes the following items:

  • A photo of your family member or friend. The photo should be one of them actually looking at the camera, not a side view photo.

  • Some graduation style stickers from your local craft store or mass retailer.

  • Card stock or already made cards from your local craft store or mass retailer.

  • Time. It will take time to make a personalized card because it is coming from you, not a mass retailer like Hallmark or Wal Mart.

It is always fun making homemade cards, for any occasion. Graduation cards are no different.

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