Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prices on Everything Going Up, Cards and Gifts Should Not Have To

With the price of everything from food to gas going up these days, purchasing cards and gifts is probably something that can take a backseat.

If you are of the creative nature and have time to make your own, do it. It is well worth it to create your own cards and gifts. All you need is a computer, printer paper, photo paper and ideas.

Also, before making a card or gift, ask your family member or friend what their favorite colors are or what they like.

In the long run, making a personalized or homemade gift is worth it to you and your family member or friend.

For one, they can show off your card or gift and two, this is way for you to get exposure. Maybe, your family member or friend would like you to make them the same type of gift for their friends. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Remember, Martha (Stewart), started her multi billion dollar business from her home.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Personalized Graduation Cards

If you have or had a family member or friend graduating this year, making them a personalized graduation card is fun and will brighten their day.

They are easy to make a just take your creativity.

Making a personalized card takes the following items:

  • A photo of your family member or friend. The photo should be one of them actually looking at the camera, not a side view photo.

  • Some graduation style stickers from your local craft store or mass retailer.

  • Card stock or already made cards from your local craft store or mass retailer.

  • Time. It will take time to make a personalized card because it is coming from you, not a mass retailer like Hallmark or Wal Mart.

It is always fun making homemade cards, for any occasion. Graduation cards are no different.

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