Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking for Baby Gifts for a Mother to Be?

When I was pregnant, I was looking for all sorts of gifts that I could have added to my registry. I remember looking all over the Internet for cute gifts for baby girls or twins girls. This is one of those places, Pretty Baby Gifts, I looked at and purchased gifts on my own. Right now, they have coupons for anyone on a budget, and that is mostly everyone, and free ground shipping for anyone who makes a purchase over $75. The Pretty Baby Gifts, of course, for baby girls and baby boys. The Pretty Baby Gifts website has a button for Gifts of a Budget and for Gifts if you are in a hurry.

The Pretty Baby Gifts website has baby shower favors, baby shower gifts, personalized baby gifts and so much more. It would be a shame if you were not to visit this website and make a purchase.

Along with the Pretty Baby Gifts website which has amazing gifts, I also adore the Robeez baby/toddler shoes. Robeez are a must have gift for any baby shower or babies birthday and right now, they have coupons for 20% off entire footwear purchase of $50 or more, free delivery of 2 or more pairs of shoes, a promo of free shipping on 2 or more pair of shoes and you can also find the right type of shoe for infant/toddler stages and activities.

Oh my goodness, when my twins were still infants and even up to two years old, I had them wearing Robeez shoes whenever we were out. They are great because of the lightweight material which makes baby feel like practically nothing is on their feet. They material feels like a thin piece of leather on your infant or toddlers feet. In fact, the Robeez material is so thin, your infant or toddler might think they are still barefoot. Robeez shoes last a long time and come in many colors and designs for any occasion.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Card for my Nephew

This is the birthday card I made for one of my nephews. He just turned 6 years old two days after my Mom, his Nana's, birthday. Now, because it was my Mom's 60th birthday, I was late in making this card and getting out his birthday gift. But, like my sister said, "It will only extend his birthday."

Well, I made my nephew's birthday card the same way I made my Mom's. I used the same steps, just used different paper products for making his card.

Here is what my nephew's birthday card looked like in the making and completed:

Happy 60th Birthday Card for my Mom

This is the birthday card I made for my Mom's 60th birthday. I really like making homemade cards. They do take at least two to three days to make, but they always put a smile on your family or friends face.

Making and giving a homemade card is also something which will more likely be kept and not thrown away.

This is what this card looked like as I was making it and you too can make these type of cards.

First, I start out in Microsoft Word, with a blank page. From the blank page, I click on Insert>Picture>Wordart. Once this toolbar is open or added to the bottom of the open Word document, I click on the Big, Blue letter "A". The Word Art Gallery box will open up. The first box, on the left, will be outlined. This is the box I use when making my cards because I like to us puff paint and glitter in the open letters.

Once you find the font you want to use for making your card, write out what you want for your birthday, wedding or anniversay card(s). Then, print out the wording and cut out the words for your card.

Now, I usually purchase my blank cards in bulk at either a craft store or mass retailer.

Here are photos of what my Mom's card looked like in the making:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rhinstone Tank Top for my Mom's 60th Birthday

One of the birthday gifts I made for my Mom for her 60th birthday was this black rhinestone tank top. I purchased the tank top from a popular clothing store and purchased the rhinestones from a major retailer. To make the personalized rhinestone tank top gift, I went through these steps:
  • Ironed the tank top, first.
  • Purchased two rhinestone sheets because I used more some letters more than once.
  • Cut out each letter I needed to write the words on the tank top.
  • Placed the cut out rhinestones in the wording I needed.
  • Peeled off backing of each rhinestone letter and stuck each letter.
  • Stuck each letter on the front of tank top in sentence form.
  • Completed sentence of personalized tank top.

Here is what the tanl top looked like after completion. If you would like one, please email me.

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