Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rhinstone Tank Top for my Mom's 60th Birthday

One of the birthday gifts I made for my Mom for her 60th birthday was this black rhinestone tank top. I purchased the tank top from a popular clothing store and purchased the rhinestones from a major retailer. To make the personalized rhinestone tank top gift, I went through these steps:
  • Ironed the tank top, first.
  • Purchased two rhinestone sheets because I used more some letters more than once.
  • Cut out each letter I needed to write the words on the tank top.
  • Placed the cut out rhinestones in the wording I needed.
  • Peeled off backing of each rhinestone letter and stuck each letter.
  • Stuck each letter on the front of tank top in sentence form.
  • Completed sentence of personalized tank top.

Here is what the tanl top looked like after completion. If you would like one, please email me.

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