Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Newest Chocolate Truffles Filled with White Chocolate

Last night, for the first time, I made some Chocolate Truffles Filled with White Chocolate. Like I had written on my TwiceBabiesMom Blog about my twins last day of Ballet Class this season, I had made some Chocolate Truffles Filled with White Chocolate for my twins ballet instructor. It was really easy to do and took no time at all.

Here is the way I made it with photos. By the way, if you are in need of something yummy like this, please email me and I would be more than happy to make some for you or your event.

1st: I melted the chocolate in this pan. Since I was using this pan for melting the chocolate, I melted the white chocolate in the microwave. I think I will purchase another small pot like this so I do not have to use the microwave again. I am not a fan of the microwave.

2nd: I used a cooking brush and brushed the insides of each mold with light, melted cocoa. Once the chocolate dried, with a teaspoon, I dropped in a small portion of the melted white chocolate. With the white chocolate in place, I put the mold into the refrigerator for 4-5 minutes.

3rd: After removing the hardened chocolates from the refrigerator, I heated up more light cocoa to complete the shell of each truffle. I did forget to take photographs of the completed chocolate shell, but it will be seen below.

4th: As an added touch, I sprinkled some mint chocolate pieces on the top of the white chocolate. It may or may not be seen when bitten into. Below is the completed chocolate truffle filled with white choclate though. I should have cut a truffle in half to see the inside. That is something I will make sure to do next time I make truffles like this.

5th: Here is the final chocolate truffle filled with white chocolate before I wrap it in silver wrapping paper. As you can see, the outer shell of the chocolate truffle is encased completely in light cocoa chocolate. Dark or White chocolate can be used as well.

6th: Above is the chocolate encased truffle with white chocolate on the inside.

7th: Here is a truffle being closed up inside the silver wrapping paper. Not only does the wrapping paper make the truffles look pretty, but it keeps out anything that would come near it.

8th: This is me putting the boxes together. There are gold and silver boxes as well. I had to use the white boxes because where I purchased this boxes, there are never enough gold or silver boxes on display. It would be nice to find a craft store online that sells these small truffle boxes in all the colors.

9th: Here is a completed box. They take about a second to put together and place the truffles inside.

10th: This is two boxes I put together, plus four truffles, two in each box, for my twins ballet instructor, friends and/or myself to enjoy.

11th: This is what the final product looks like all wrapped up and sealed with a "Home Made" seal. This is so much fun to make and takes no time at all. The "Home Made" seal shows they were made with love.

If you like these, and want a small order, please feel free to email me about these Chocolate, filled or not filled, Truffles.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Look to RepairPal for Auto Repair needs and so much more

The best type of auto repair reviews on auto products, are those that are unbiased and accurate. In fact, when you look at and are wanting reviews on any auto product, when going through RepairPal, you will be glad to know they are not, in any way, owned by any auto company or auto repair company. This is what makes RepairPal unique and well, one of a kind, in it's market.

RepairPal has been on the Internet, giving good advice, since 2007. If you are not the type of person who likes to go from repair shop to repair shop, looking for a good deal, RepairPal is your one stop online shop. Let's say you forget to schedule your next oil change, well, this will be taken care of through RepairPal. That is because you can receive a reminder in your email inbox through RepairPal. In fact, for any scheduled vehicle service you need, RepairPal is able to assist you with an email reminder.

If you live in the Los Angeles, and are in need of Los Angeles auto repair due to the constant commute into work, day in and day out, your vehicle will need to have the brakes checked out on a regular basis. If your vehicle has a clutch, this is all the more important. Just a brakes need to be taken care of, so does the clutch on a maual transmission vehicle. With over 3.8 million people living, and working, in the Los Angeles area, is it no wonder vehicles need their oil changed, transmission worked on, brakes and clutch renewed every 3,000 miles.

When it comes to owning any type of vehicle, let's say a Ford Explorer , instead of searching all over the Internet for rating, reviews, problems, recall information, questions and answers, all you have to do is click on the RepairPal website. There is no need to make looking for specific vehicle information more difficult. Now, all you have to do is go to a one-stop-Internet-shop, at RepairPal.

Finally, let's say the head gasket in your vehicle is worn down and in need of replacement. Now, all that needs to be done is go to the RepairPal website and learn what a head gasket is, if you do not already know about its function, learn where it is located in your vehicle, ask questions on the RepairPal website and look for places near you, that sell replacement head gaskets at a price within your reach.

If you are a one-stop-shopper, like many people are these days, them your first and last place to search out auto repair, replacment or vehicle stats, is through the RepairPal website.

Truffles and Floral Pens Made for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year, like I wrote in my previous post, I made homemade truffles and floral pens. The truffles looked professionally made and no one at church thought they were homemade. That is a compliment. The floral pens were also easy to make and took me two days to make, I think, 60 of them.

Here they are, hope you enjoy them and if you are in need of one or both of these items, let me know:

New "Thank You" card I made for my Parents

The night before my Mom and Dad were to leave a drive back home, I made them this homemade card. I normally have all I need for making cards at home, with my scrapbooking things. It is a good thing I have all my paper, stickers and blank cards to make my cards at home. Personally, I like making cards rather than spending $2.99 to $5.99 on a card. Can you believe that! Cards are now cost between $2.99 and $5.99. That is just highway robbery and I will not stand for it.

So, here is my new card and how I made it:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Affordable Car Insurance is What You Need

Auto Insurance is a necessity in America, where ever you live. Thinking you will never be in an auto accident, either by you causing the accident or the other driver, is not acceptable thinking. Therefore, it is always necessary to be an insured driver. Having auto insurance is something that should not be taken lightly either. When looking for auto insurance, you can find and have cheap auto insurance from the auto insurance company you desire. When looking for your cheap auto insurance, there is no need to feel stressed out about the auto insurance jargon anymore. Auto insurance is written in simple terms, for the everyday person.

In fact, when looking for auto insurance, you will learn more about liability, collision, theft, fault/no-fault coverage like you have never before. These auto insurance terms are now written in simple terms for everyone to understand. When it comes to auto liability, you will learn that a small amount of liability insurance is standard in the majority of states. Liability coverage is what your auto insurance company will use to pay for vehicle damages.

Then, there is the all important collision auto insurance. The collision insurance is what pays for the actual damages to your vehicle or the other person's vehicle. When purchasing collision insurance, keep in mind the amount being used to pay for the damages all depends on the amount you paid towards your deductible.

Even if your vehicle is never broken into or stolen, having theft auto insurance built into your policy would be a good idea. If you really like your vehicle and spent a lot of money making it into what you like right now, then the theft auto insurance you pay into will payoff. This is because your vehicle or its parts, will be replaced, completely.

Finally, having auto insurance is a must in almost every state, but there is no reason you have to pay into an expensive auto insurance policy.
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