Thursday, June 17, 2010

TwiceToddlers PreK Graduation Card

My twins graduated from PreK this week. Oh, their graduation was just so precious. I took a lot of still photos and video as well. The still photos and videos can be seen at my other blog, TwiceBabiesMom. It is hard to believe my twins are no longer babies, much less toddlers. It looks like I will have to think of a new name for my blog article titles. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Anyway, I am here to write and show photos of the graduation cards I made for my twins PreK graduation. So, here are the photographs for your enjoyment.

1st: I purchased all the items I needed to make my cards:
Card Stock in bulk from Michael's, PreK /Kindergarten stickers
Scrap paper from Wal Mart, 3M Sticky tape for embellishments,
Used my MS Word program for printed words, photos and scissors.

2nd: Next, I opened a blank card and with sticky embellishment tape,
I added these colors above to the inside of the card.

3rd: On the front of the blank card, I used the PreK stickers I found
at Michael's and with Twin "B"s face from a photo, I cut out her face and
stuck it between the Cap and Gown. I also stuck the diploma on her left hand.

4th: I added the PreK stickers to Twin "A"s blank card as well.

5th: On the bottom inside of the blank card, I wrote something special to
each of my twins using MS Word.

6th: On the inside top portion of the blank card, I added these other
PreK stickers and added some other words using MS Word.

7th: Finally, to the front blank envelope, I added these PreK stickers
which I purchased from Michael's.

If you see some words missing from the graduation cards, that is because I erased
my twins first, middle and last names. I did not want their names being seen by everyone. To do this, I used MS Digital Image Software.

To look at the still photos and video I took of my twins at graduation, click on TwiceBabiesMom, my other blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate Hearts Filled with White Chocolate Candies

Last week, I made these delicious and very easy to make, Chocolate Filled Heart Candies. They took less than an hour to make since I only made two sets from the mold I used. I do plan to purchase more molds, but not from Michael's because they do not sell the ones I am really looking for.

I do have a website bookmarked, but the one I want from them is not in stock right now. But, at least they have the one I want.

When the mold I want is finally in stock again, I play to make a Round, all chocolate candy with goodies on top. Can you tell I love chocolate?

Anyway, here are the photos of the Chocolate Filled Heart Candies I made last week.

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