Monday, August 30, 2010

My Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Last week, I was in a local party store, not a big chain party store, but a local party store. Anyway, I was going down on of the aisles and found a peanut butter cup chocolate mold. Well, I just had to purchase it and have made some at home since.

This is the coolest chocolate mold and they are so easy to make. That is, if you have or make the time to mold these chocolates. They will mold in the refrigerator in five to ten minutes. These are fun to make for Birthday's, Birthday Parties, Christmas candies in your home, Christmas gifts, and so much more.

If you love chocolate and peanut butter and would prefer making them yourself, this is the best way to do it.

Here the photos of me making them in less than an hour.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chocolate and Pink Vanilla Cupcake Picks

These are a new candy I am making. They are chocolate/pink vanilla cupcake picks. They go in the middle of cupcakes and just jazz up any cupcake. I am thinking of making these for my twins 5th birthday party coming up soon.

This year, like for their first birthday, I am doing the Princess Theme again. When I was at a my local craft store mass retailers, I found these princess tiara pick molds. I pondered on whether to purchase them. I would leave the aisle they were in, then come back and I finally decided to purchase the mold.

This is how I make them at home and they will look lovely in the center of my twins
5th Birthday Party cupcakes. Yeah, this year, I have decided to bake the cupcakes myself and not purchase a cake. The reason for this is, I found a cute cupcake tier holder that is hot pink and is Princess designed with jewels and other things Princesses would like up and down the three tiered cupcake holder.

This is how I melt the chocolates and vanilla melts I purchase at my local craft store:

If you already have a double boiler, that is great. If not, all you have to do is use a medium boiling pot, add water, let the water come to a boil and put a colander over the medium water pot. Then, in a glass measuring cup or glass cooking cups, add the amount of chocolate you need and allow it to melt. This is the best way to melt the chocolate without it burning on the actual heat. This is the way I melt my chocolate or colored vanilla melts.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Personalized Backpacks and Duffle Bags are Awesome!

Every child should be and wants to be an individual. When your child, or children, throw their personalized kids backpack on their back, their friends and teachers will notice. If anything says, individuality, these personalized kids backpacks do. With more than ten colors to choose from, your child or children can pick from red, green, black, blue and many other colors. Then your child or children can either have their first name or first initial sewn on the front of their backpack. Another good thing about these backpacks is, they are light and measure 8" x 11". The size is great for toddlers and their backs too.

If you child or children are invited to campout or sleepover, they will also want a personalized duffle bag. Duffle bags are great because they will hold your child's cloths, a small blanket and toys. These duffle bags can also be used for sports like soccer, tennis, ballet, dance or whatever sport your child is involved in.

These personalized duffle bags also come in more than ten colors. Your child or children can have their first name or first initial sewn on the front. These personalized duffle bags are great in case they find their way into a lost and found box too.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Homemade Personalized T Shirt for My Gramma's 90th Birthday

Along with the rhinestone T Shirt for my Gramma, I also made this homemade personalized T Shirt with my twins on the front. I made one for my Gramma for Christmas, I think, two years ago.

This T shirt was also easy to make, as long as the directions are followed. Here are photos of the T Shirt I made my Gramma. I think she will be getting one from almost everyone in the family. They will probably make the T Shirt's themselves of order them from VistaPrint.

Here are photos of the T Shirt I made my Gramma.

1st: I purchased this white T at a mass retailer along with the transfer T paper.

2nd: Then I went to my computer and used the digital image software I have and uploaded a photo I would be using. I changed the look of the photo and added the wording on each side of the photo.

3rd: Once I got the photo to look the way I wanted, I REVERSED the photo so it would come out correctly when I print out the photo on transfer paper.

4th: I set the IRON in a low setting as to not burn the paper. Then, I follow instructions on the back of the transfer paper envelope.
When I make these T Shirts, I never place the photo in the middle of the T Shirt because it makes it hard to view the photo or phrase on the shirt.

Rhinestone T Shirt for My Gramma's 90th Birthday

My Gramma will be turning 90 in September. Wow, 90 years old and she is still going strong and does not let anything stop her. She has been loving her time as this retirement home she is now living in. She helps out in the office and goes on trips with her senior friends to other senior citizen places around the SoCal area.

Since moving to NorCal, I only see my Gramma two or three times a year, unless she comes up to my home with one of my Aunties.

Anyway, this is one of four gifts I am making for my Gramma. I have already made two T Shirts for her and will be making a gift box and a sweet treat too.

Here are some photos of the Rhinestone T-Shirt for my Gramma's birthday. The T Shirt is a medium Brown and reads: GG of Twin Girls

1st: I purchased these rhinestones from a mass retailer.

2nd: I also purchased this brown T from a mass retailer.

3rd: I cut each letter I needed to write my message on the T and placed them where I needed on the T. I pressed down hard all the letters into place. Then, I turned the T inside out and on a low setting, I ironed on the letters for 3-5 seconds. Once all letters were ironed on into place, I let the T cool down, then turned the T to the right side.

4th: This is what the T looks like after ironing on the letters into place for my T Shirt.

These shirts are very easy to make, as long as you always follow the directions. No cutting corners, I have done that in the past the iron-on rhinestones do not want to stick to the T Shirt.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Personalized Kids Products to Put a Smile on Your Child's Face

School is or will be starting soon. If you have little ones beginning kindergarten, they will more likely than not, be taking an afternoon nap. This is when having a personalized nap mat for your kindergartner is important. When you purchase a personalized nap mat for your little one, they will come in over ten different colors or designs. Your child's first name or first initial will be sewn on the front side of the nap mat. The best thing about these nap mat's are, they are lined and padded for extra comfort. When your child or children are cold, they can wrap fleece blanket around their body for extra warmth during the colder months. Another added feature of taking this nap mat to school is the removable pillow. The pillow will comfort your child's head from ever hitting the cold floor.

Along with giving your child the nap mat for added comfort during nap time, your child can also go to school with this personalized kids backpack. There are over ten personalized kids backpacks for your toddler to choose from. The personalized toddler backpacks come in the colors brown, pink, blue, green, camouflage and more. These toddler backpacks come are made in the sizes 8" x 11" and 14" x 12". The bigger backpacks would be ideal for older children.

Starting off the new school year in style is a plus, especially when wanting to make a good first impression.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

TwiceBabies Making Princess Wands

Four weeks ago, I was in a dollar store looking in their craft section. While in the craft section, I found some rubber wands. The wands came three or four in a pack. There were light pink, green yellow and blue wands. Next to these wands were bags of stickers. Some stickers were floral shaped and animal shaped.

Now, my twins always need to be kept busy, either by their own devices or with Mommy's help. So, I purchased two packs of colorful wands and one pack of shiny floral stickers. When I got home, I opened both packs of wands so my twins would have the same color. They have to have the same color in everything; clothes, hair accessories, shoes and toys.

So, here are my twins making their personalized wands and having fun too.

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