Monday, August 23, 2010

Chocolate and Pink Vanilla Cupcake Picks

These are a new candy I am making. They are chocolate/pink vanilla cupcake picks. They go in the middle of cupcakes and just jazz up any cupcake. I am thinking of making these for my twins 5th birthday party coming up soon.

This year, like for their first birthday, I am doing the Princess Theme again. When I was at a my local craft store mass retailers, I found these princess tiara pick molds. I pondered on whether to purchase them. I would leave the aisle they were in, then come back and I finally decided to purchase the mold.

This is how I make them at home and they will look lovely in the center of my twins
5th Birthday Party cupcakes. Yeah, this year, I have decided to bake the cupcakes myself and not purchase a cake. The reason for this is, I found a cute cupcake tier holder that is hot pink and is Princess designed with jewels and other things Princesses would like up and down the three tiered cupcake holder.

This is how I melt the chocolates and vanilla melts I purchase at my local craft store:

If you already have a double boiler, that is great. If not, all you have to do is use a medium boiling pot, add water, let the water come to a boil and put a colander over the medium water pot. Then, in a glass measuring cup or glass cooking cups, add the amount of chocolate you need and allow it to melt. This is the best way to melt the chocolate without it burning on the actual heat. This is the way I melt my chocolate or colored vanilla melts.

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