Friday, August 13, 2010

Homemade Personalized T Shirt for My Gramma's 90th Birthday

Along with the rhinestone T Shirt for my Gramma, I also made this homemade personalized T Shirt with my twins on the front. I made one for my Gramma for Christmas, I think, two years ago.

This T shirt was also easy to make, as long as the directions are followed. Here are photos of the T Shirt I made my Gramma. I think she will be getting one from almost everyone in the family. They will probably make the T Shirt's themselves of order them from VistaPrint.

Here are photos of the T Shirt I made my Gramma.

1st: I purchased this white T at a mass retailer along with the transfer T paper.

2nd: Then I went to my computer and used the digital image software I have and uploaded a photo I would be using. I changed the look of the photo and added the wording on each side of the photo.

3rd: Once I got the photo to look the way I wanted, I REVERSED the photo so it would come out correctly when I print out the photo on transfer paper.

4th: I set the IRON in a low setting as to not burn the paper. Then, I follow instructions on the back of the transfer paper envelope.
When I make these T Shirts, I never place the photo in the middle of the T Shirt because it makes it hard to view the photo or phrase on the shirt.

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