Friday, August 20, 2010

Personalized Backpacks and Duffle Bags are Awesome!

Every child should be and wants to be an individual. When your child, or children, throw their personalized kids backpack on their back, their friends and teachers will notice. If anything says, individuality, these personalized kids backpacks do. With more than ten colors to choose from, your child or children can pick from red, green, black, blue and many other colors. Then your child or children can either have their first name or first initial sewn on the front of their backpack. Another good thing about these backpacks is, they are light and measure 8" x 11". The size is great for toddlers and their backs too.

If you child or children are invited to campout or sleepover, they will also want a personalized duffle bag. Duffle bags are great because they will hold your child's cloths, a small blanket and toys. These duffle bags can also be used for sports like soccer, tennis, ballet, dance or whatever sport your child is involved in.

These personalized duffle bags also come in more than ten colors. Your child or children can have their first name or first initial sewn on the front. These personalized duffle bags are great in case they find their way into a lost and found box too.

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