Friday, August 13, 2010

Rhinestone T Shirt for My Gramma's 90th Birthday

My Gramma will be turning 90 in September. Wow, 90 years old and she is still going strong and does not let anything stop her. She has been loving her time as this retirement home she is now living in. She helps out in the office and goes on trips with her senior friends to other senior citizen places around the SoCal area.

Since moving to NorCal, I only see my Gramma two or three times a year, unless she comes up to my home with one of my Aunties.

Anyway, this is one of four gifts I am making for my Gramma. I have already made two T Shirts for her and will be making a gift box and a sweet treat too.

Here are some photos of the Rhinestone T-Shirt for my Gramma's birthday. The T Shirt is a medium Brown and reads: GG of Twin Girls

1st: I purchased these rhinestones from a mass retailer.

2nd: I also purchased this brown T from a mass retailer.

3rd: I cut each letter I needed to write my message on the T and placed them where I needed on the T. I pressed down hard all the letters into place. Then, I turned the T inside out and on a low setting, I ironed on the letters for 3-5 seconds. Once all letters were ironed on into place, I let the T cool down, then turned the T to the right side.

4th: This is what the T looks like after ironing on the letters into place for my T Shirt.

These shirts are very easy to make, as long as you always follow the directions. No cutting corners, I have done that in the past the iron-on rhinestones do not want to stick to the T Shirt.

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