Thursday, August 5, 2010

TwiceBabies Making Princess Wands

Four weeks ago, I was in a dollar store looking in their craft section. While in the craft section, I found some rubber wands. The wands came three or four in a pack. There were light pink, green yellow and blue wands. Next to these wands were bags of stickers. Some stickers were floral shaped and animal shaped.

Now, my twins always need to be kept busy, either by their own devices or with Mommy's help. So, I purchased two packs of colorful wands and one pack of shiny floral stickers. When I got home, I opened both packs of wands so my twins would have the same color. They have to have the same color in everything; clothes, hair accessories, shoes and toys.

So, here are my twins making their personalized wands and having fun too.

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