Thursday, September 30, 2010

If You LoveReading, Begin and End Here

For anyone living in the UK, you will want to check out Lovereading UK. In 2005, a group of readers, created this website for readers like themselves. The owners of Lovereading comprise of four individuals whom you can read about as you look at and purchase all the books you want to read. If you are looking for any particular book, but are having a hard time finding it, more likely than not, the owners of this website have read it and carry it here. There is no need to search all over the Internet for the book you want to read anymore.

Speaking of "any type of book", Lovereading offers more than one book genre for you. If you go to the Lovereading website already knowing what book(s) you want, or not, any of the Featured books are great to read. The Featured books allow readers to read between 10to 15 Opening Extracts pages, for free. These 10 to 15 pages allow readers to understand where the author is going at the beginning of the book. Being able to read Opening Extracts of books this way, is far better than purchasing a book and being unhappy with it once it arrives at your home.

The various genres you can look at and purchase are crime, drama, romance, mystery, horror, poetry and so much more. Whatever you want to read, Lovereading offers that genre, at your fingertips. In fact, if you would rather listen to books instead of reading, you can do that too. There are many audio books on CD you too can listen to the Opening Extracts. There are even unabridged audio books, more than ten titles to choose from.

Another popular way to listen to books is through your iPod. You can download I Speak books for Chinese, Europe, Russian, French, Spanish and so much more.

Now, whatever you are looking to read or listen to can be found right here at Lovereading.

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