Friday, October 22, 2010

All Baby Formula Goes By The Same FDA Regulations

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That is right, in case you did not know. Every baby formula company on the market has to be approved by the same FDA regulations under Infant Formula Act  . With that said, the only reason one would purchase a name brand formula is for the name brand name. If you are looking to save on your weekly or monthly grocery costs, it is time to purchase store brand formula.

Every store brand formula, given a value price, must meet the same exacting FDA nutritional requirements. This means the store brand formula's offer the substantial savings their name brand counterparts, do not. So, when purchasing your next canister or box of baby formula, compare their ingredients and ask yourself, what is the difference. You will see the only difference is their labeling and pricing.

As you can see, the store brand formula's, also known as private-label, are labeled with the names of retail store brands and typically cost up to 50 percent less versus name-brand formulas for a potential savings of $600 a year per baby. This one reason why thousands of parents have switched from name-brand formulas to a store brand.

For more information on switching from name brand to store brand formula, check out the link above. It will surprise you how much money you will be saving weekly, monthly and annually.

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