Monday, October 11, 2010

Buying Windows Should Be as Effortless as Possible

New windows in an old or new home just make that home more open and appealing. This is true especially if your current windows are single pane. These Wooden Sash Windows are double glazed and made with a multi-layered timber. This timber will not warp or twist. When purchasing these Wooden Sash Windows, you should know Argon filled glass casements are used for insulation. This insulation will achieve a low U value. Along with this insulation, there are four sets of brushes which prevent draughts from entering your home.

These Wooden Sash Windows can be painted one color on the outside and another color on the inside. So, you can have the outside painted white, while the inside is tan, red, blue or whatever color you desire. Ordering these windows, pre-painted makes it easier for you and your pocketbook.

Another window which might peek your interest is the Wooden Flush Casement Windows. If you are looking for a old-fashioned style window, these Wooden Flush Casement Windows are the ones you want. These flush casement windows
opens on hinges mounted on the side of the frame. When these windows open, part of the window closes flush with the frame. This way, you do not see the actual hinges sticking out from the outdoors or indoors. Originally, casement windows had to be hung on butt hinges. Then, they were secured with a pegstay and handle. If this is the style you want, it is still available for ordering, however, there have been improvements by adding a two-point locking mechanism and scissor hinges. With this added, and new technology, it means the timber sections are now thicker. The overall appearance remains the same though.

Finally, you can also look at the Tilt & Turn Windows. These Tilt and Turn Windows are a European innovation. These windows are fitted with hinges mounted on the side and bottom of the frame. Depending on what way you prefer to open these windows, they open in two different ways. These Tilt and Turn Windows open forwards and sideways on both hinges.If you live on a more contemporary property, these are the ideal window for you.

All our products can be painted one colour on the outside, for example gloss white and another colour on the inside. This means you don't have to have decorators in your house for days or weeks repainting your new windows. Our customers say this is a huge benefit of using The Sash Window Shop.

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