Friday, October 15, 2010

Have Fun Making Homemade, Non-Messy, S'mores

The summertime, even though it is passing, brings with it fun in the sun during the day and making those yummy and chocolatey treats, S'mores, at night. The beach, lake, river, campground or your own backyard, are a great place to make those messy S'mores.

But, did you know these S'mores can be made yearround? Well, yes, they can and there is no sand on the beach, dirt from the campground and fire to contend with. In fact, all you need are these ingredients and a yearning for something that reminds you of summertime.

Here is what I use to make my homemade, non-messy-S'mores:

1 Box of Graham Crackers
1 Jar of melted marshmallows
1 Jar of cake/cookie chocolate frosting
1 Bag of Hersey's Chocolate Chips
1 Large Hersey's Chocolate Bar(if you want to add it)
1 Knife for speading
1 Smile
1+ Family and Friends to Share the S'mores with

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