Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Volga Linens are Made for Everyday Living

When you are looking for linen fabric to cover your chairs, couch or love seat, it will please you to now be look at and choose from a variety of colors. In fact, you can choose from eight styles such as a Narrow Stripe, Wide Stripe, Plain Weave, Linen Union and many more. Depending on how you plan to decorate the rooms in your home, you will be glad to know you are not limited in linen colors and designs.

Along with the linen fabrics, there are a variety of bed covers and throws. There is a Hem Stitch Bed Cover, Reversible Bed Cover and Soft Merino Wool and Linen Throws. The Hem Stitch Bed Cover comes in White and Natural, Reversible Bed Covers come in White/Natural and Soft Merino Wool and Linen Throws come in Plum, Volga Red, Ochre and Fawn. Anyone of these bed covers or throws would look great in your room and on your bed.

If the above linens look and sound appealing to you, then you need to look at the clothes as well. Having these type of linens on your chairs or bed is great, but you can also wear these linens. These amazing linens are available in pajamas, nightshirts, a linen shirt, a shawl and many more clothing options. The pajamas come in White, Natural, Indigo and Tea Rose colors. The nightshirts come in White, Indigo and Tea Rose colors. The linen shirts come in Tea Rose, Indigo, Bright White, Teal and Olive colors and the shawls come in Olive, Volga Red, Ochre, Fawn, Burnt Orange, Smokey Blue, Prussian Blue, Tea Rose and Fuchsia.

The linen clothing come in sizes small, medium, large and x-large. Whatever size you are looking for, whether for yourself or a gift, is available for your purchase. The shawls are one size fit all and have a fringe edge to decorate the end of the shawl. Right now, you can look at the special offers and make birthday and holiday purchases as well.

Whether this is your first purchase or not, you will find yourself coming back for my linens, of any type, throughout the year. There are several ways to shop with Volga Linens. You can shop through their stores, cataloge, call their 800 number and online shop. If shopping online is your preferred way of shopping, you can also receive their online newsletter.

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