Monday, November 1, 2010

My Twins Making Play-Doh Designs

You know, it Play-Doh was cheaper and came with more than four colors in a pack, we would probably purchase more. My twins LOVE Play-Doh!! We purchased it from one of my favorite mass retailers last weekend. The colors we purchased were pretty pinks and purple, yellows and greens. So, I guess they were pastel colors. Perfect for little twin princess girls.

When we got home, I looked online at the Play-Doh website and found alot of designs they could make at home. Usually, my twins will mash all the colors together and this does not sit well with Mommy. I tell them, the colors are to be used separately, like in the designs on the paper I printed out for them. My twins have been playing with Play-Doh since they were two years old. So now at almost 5, they need to know the correct way to use it.

Here are some photos of my twins making designs from the pages I printed out from the Play-Doh website. My twins, they have to always be busy, busy, busy...

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