Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Store Brand Baby Formula is Not What You Thought It to Be

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These days, it is important to save our money on everything, especially baby formula. Since not every Mom breastfeed's, or is able to, their baby or babies must drink baby formula. Now, as nice as it sounds to be seen purchasing a name brand baby formula, as it turns our, there is nothing wrong with store brand formula.

If you look at them, side by side, and compare their ingredients, you will see they use the exact same ingredients. As it turns out, each and every infant formula is strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure product quality and safety. By law, every infant formula in the market has to meet or exceed the standards set by the FDA. This means, there is not a single infant formula better than another one. 

When feeding your baby formula in the first year, they will be ingesting protein, carbohydrates, fat, and appropriate vitamins and minerals. Since your baby will not be drinking breast milk, the Infant formula they drink has been patterned after breast milk. This means infants will be drinking added nutrients such as DHA and ARA to provide the energy necessary to maintain brain and eye support. Another very important ingredient in baby formula's are prebiotics. Prebiotics help support every baby's immune system.

So now is the best time to switch to generic formula, especially after finding out the only difference in the name brand and store brand formula's are their labels. The store brand formulas can be found at such stores as Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, CVS. Walgreens and Baby's "R" Us.  These store brand infant formula's are available in 23.2 oz and 12.4 oz.

Finally, there has recently been a Similac recall. The company, Abbott Laboratories had to recall their Similac Infant Formula due to beetles and their larvae being found in the mixture. If having your baby drink beetle parts and or larvae does not sound good to you, it is time to switch over to a store brand formula.

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