Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 At My Home

This year, my husband and I hosted the Thanksgiving Feast. My twins have been calling it the Thanksgivng Feast since they learned that from school. Anyway, one of my husband's sister's helped me prep the turkey, which we have to thaw out overnight in cold water. It took five days to thaw out, but it was a delicious turkey with everything one of my sister in laws and I put in and outside the turkey.

I have 12 people in total over. Everyone got along and my twins had a great time, as always, with Uncle Mike who always plays the guitar with them.

Here are photos I took on Thanksgiving Day 2010. As you can see, everyone who came to my first Thanksgiving Feast had a great time talking, and of course, eating all the delicious side dishes brought over.

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