Friday, January 21, 2011

My Homemade Engagement Card I Made for My Niece In Law

In either November or December, my Niece In Law announced she was engaged to her boyfriend. It was exciting to hear this news and I had planned to make her an engagement card after she told us, but things happened and I we were really busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So, this week I was finally able to make her the engagement card I had planned. I love making homemade cards and well, almost anything homemade. I suppose this is why I created this All Things Homemade blog.

When I made this homemade card, I already had blank cards on hand that I either purchased at Michael's or Walmart, purchased some more wedding stickers and wrote out a message for the front and inside of the card.

Here are some photos of what the card looks like.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Hiding Things

Over the past four (4) months, my twins have begun hiding things, like toys, under their beds and behind the television set. Now, they hide their toys or other objects, like hair accessories, because they are either a) break them or b) hear Mommy coming into their room when they should be sleeping.

Is this something your twins or non-twins do as well? I find this funny and at the same time irritating. Over and over again, I tell my twins, "If you break something, bring it to Mommy and I will see if I can fix it. If I can't fix it, we will take it to Grammie or I will through it away." Even though I tell my twins this, they still hide their broken toys or hair accessories.

Goodness gracious, I know when I was my twins age, I too used to "hide" broken toys or hair accessories too. It makes me laugh and or chuckle as I am sure it does all you Mommy's and Daddy's too.

**I have posted a POLL. Whoever, one person, answers the poll (on right side-bar), before the 25th, I will make you a Rhinestone Tank Top, beanie hat or headband in whatever color you want. I will let you know what colors are available to me.**

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes, Only Extra Tall Bar Stools Will Do

Some of my family and friends have those islands in their kitchen where they need, no must have, Extra Tall Bar Stools. I mean, seriously, if your head is below the height of the island in your kitchen, you have got a problem. Not only can you not sit up right, but you will not be able to eat or drink at table level.

Since seeing your family and friends, while being able to eat or drink is important, you now have over fifty Extra Tall Bar Stool designs to look at and choose from. These are the two designs I would show my family and friends, when they are in need of new Extra Tall Bar Stools. If design and height is important to you, look at the other designs to. When you begin looking for those Extra Tall Bar Stools you will need, look here first.
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