Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Beanie Hats with Flowers

For my twins Valentine's gifts this year, I made them some homemade beanie hats. I found this amazing website where I can purchase the beanie hats, flowers and gemstones for a very, very good price. In fact, making them at home is what I prefer doing anyway.

As much as I love helping out other online hat companies, by purchasing their products, if I can make them myself, I am all for it. In fact, since I prefer making all things homemade, this is right up my ally.

When I found this website which sells their beanie hats, flowers and other products at a very reasonable price, I purchased two black beanie hats, two blue flowers, two pink flowers, two pink and two white headbands. These hats were so easy to make it was shocking.

I have photos below of how I made them and me wearing one of the beanie hats. If you want a beanie hat for your little girl(s), I can make them in an array of colors too. Once my twins put the beanie hats on, I will take photos of them and write a new article and add the photos as well.

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