Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My TwiceGirlies and Mommy Making Pumpkin Scones for Royal Wedding

Last night, at midnight pacific time, I began watching the Royal Wedding. While watching the beginning of the wedding, I also began Tweeting with some of my friends online. Oh, it was so much fun. As I was watching who was arriving and seeing how large the crowd was growing in and around the castle and the Abbey, I was writing/talking with all my Twitter friends. It is so amazing how this is even possible.

As amazing as it was to view the wedding and see Kate's stunning wedding gown and hear the lovely couple say their wedding vows to each other, I had to finally go to bed at 4AM, pacific time. I ended the evening/morning on Kate and William reaching the Castle and stepping out of the horse drawn carriage into the "back entrance" of the Castle.

Now, fast forward five hours, 9:00AM pacific time, I am getting up and ready for the day ahead. This is the day I talked to my twins about for three weeks. Two days ago, we made Pumpkin Scones together and we could not wait to eat them with a spot of tea, chamomile tea. Before the chamomile tea and scones, we dressed in our best dresses and wore our tiara's.

When Daddy came home for lunch, I asked him to please take photos of us sitting down, watching the recaps of the wedding from last night. After the photo shoot, Mommy (that is me) got up from the floor, went to the kitchen and prepared our lunches with this China my parents gave as a wedding gift for my husband and myself almost thirteen years ago this year.

Once the lunches were prepared, scones and tea were on their dishes, Daddy brought lunch over to our table where my twins were sitting on their little chairs and I sat on my knees. It was such as fun time and a time my twins and Mommy (me) will remember for ever. In fact, they want more tea parties.

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