Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School Shopping Begins at BeallsFlorida

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bealls for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here we are again, returning to a new school year. This school year could be for middle school, high school and college students alike. With that said, your students will want to look hip and trendy for their friends, old and new. Nothing says "last year" more than wearing hand me downs.

So, when I go shopping for my girls, I will begin in two weeks before the school year begins. This way I know the cute and trendy clothes will not be snatched up. Since my twins still dress alike, I have to always look for the same size, in the same outfit. Talk about stress!

Along with clothes shopping, there are school supplies. With my twins, it also means I have to buy two of everything, at the same time, for the same classroom. Shopping, for me, usually begins at the middle of the week. Yeah, the middle of the week happens to be the best time to shop. That is, unless you shop for clothes online!

Yes, shopping online is gaining a lot of traction. I mean, do you honestly want to fight the traffic coming from all directions, looking for a parking spot close to the mall or clothing store? This just stresses me out thinking about it.

That is why, this year when I found Bealls online while looking for some trendy clothing stores, I stopped here and made purchases for my girls, and me too!

Oh my, if you have girls ages 2T-6X, 6X specifically, they know what is hot and what is not. Especially if they see those commercials on their favorite cartoons or older kids shows. Right now, one of the most trendy products for little girls is Hello Kitty!! Yeah, I remember wearing Hello Kitty when I was in my teens and now my girls get to wear them from a younger age. My girls love Hello Kitty and I bought them the Hello Kitty Adorable Pink Tutu Skirt with White Hello Kitty Love for Hello Kitty Stud T-Shirt and Hello Kitty Duet Blouse with Tank Top. My goodness, these are the most adorable outfits for my twins and they come in a variety of sizes too.  Kitty

Now, if you have boys ages 2T-7, they will not want anything Hello Kitty oh no. That is why they can look at and choose from such brands as a Guy Harvey Front Screen White Snook T Shirt in a variety of sizes and a Guy Harvey Front Screen Pirate T. As for shorts, boys will want to look at and purchase the Sprockets Solid Shorts in a variety of colors. Another cool style of shorts are the OshKosh'B Gosh Tank Green Cargo Shorts. These shorts also come in a variety of sizes.

Finally if your child or children attend a private school, they will, more likely than not, be wearing school uniforms. Today's uniforms are made from Dockers and are available in colors Navy, White, Beige, Red and many more colors for shirts. Pants and skirts come in colors Navy and Beige. These uniforms also come in whatever size your student needs. 

So, along with not having to drive all over town searching for the perfect outfits for your child or children, you can now come to the all inclusive online store with Bealls.

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