Sunday, October 9, 2011

Looking To Save Money on Energy Costs in Your Home? It Is Time You Have a Home Engery Asessement

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Santa Clara County’s 80% Home Energy Assessment Rebate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The cost of using the air conditioner and heater throughout the year tends to be costly. Yes, we all like to stay either warm or cold, depending on the months of the year, but did you know your home could be losing a lot of energy through drafty windows and doors? This can be corrected when you schedule your home for an energy assessment. Just like you schedule with your doctor for a check-up, to do does your home need a check-up. When looking at your monthly energy bill, and finding it keeps going up, it is time to take action and find a qualified contractor to seal up the drafty areas in your home.

For a limited time in Santa Clara County, you can get  a rebate for up to $800. All you have to do is call a participating contractor to get your complete energy assessment. An energy assessment is like an audit of your home to see home much energy your home consumes. The assessment will show you ways in which you can save money on certain areas in your home to cut energy costs. As it turns out, most homes can lose up to 30% of heating through faulty ducts and poor insulation. An assessment can also show you ways to conserve your homes water and electricity usage.

When the assessment in completed, the contractor will go over the areas in your home that could be ungraded. If the upgrades are completed, you might be eligible for a rebate up to $4,000. In order to qualify for an 80% home assessment rebate, you must own a single family, detached home in Santa Clara County Use an Energy Upgrade California participate contractor Energy assessment rebates are paid up to $800 and must be paid directly to the participating contractor. If you decide to proceed with the recommended upgrades and receive additional rebates, up to $4,000, you are further eligible for the"test-out: assessment rebate administered by Santa Clara County. 

Finally, if you like the EnergyUpgradeCa website on Facebook, you can learn a lot of other ways to reduce your existing energy costs and find other ways to use the money saved on cooling or heating your home.

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