Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TwiceGirlie "B" Cooking with Mommy

This time, Twice Girlie "B" stayed home from the gym and she helped me cook dinner. This dinner was the same as what Twice Girlie "A" and I made. This is really a good dinner and easy to make. Just like Twice Girlie "A", Twice Girlie "B" also likes cooking, and baking..

So, just like I did last time I cooked this meal, I measured all the spices and let Twice Girlie "B" put the spices in a bag. Once all the spices were in the bag, Twice Girlie "B" mixed the spices together. And, just like last time I made this dinner, I cleaned the chicken real good as to not get sick. Getting sick from poultry is just bad all around. LOL

Any who, here is my precious Twice Girlie "B" adding spices to bag, shaking bag and placing chicken in glass cooking container:

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