Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cuts and Scrapes Can Be Healed with New-Skin Products

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New-Skin for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you find yourself getting hurt a lot, especially your children, they you know what is it like to constantly be wearing a bandage, right? Well there are new and improved bandages and they are nothing like the "old school" bandages either. These bandages, are in fact, in liquid form. Yeah, this is a new and improved way to cover up and heal your skin or scar faster than before. Did you know New-Skin has been around for 100 years? You might be asking yourself what took you so long to learn about this product line and heal those scratches, cuts and scars. Well, you no longer have an excuse to not use these products.

New-Skin has three new products to look at, learn about and purchase. There is the New-Skin Liquid Bandage/Spray Bandage and Scar Fade Gel (reduces the appearance of scars) and the New-Skin Poison Ivy Treatment.  These are products you can carry with you where ever you go, especially your car and purse. The New-Skin Spray Bandage is great if you like the outdoors. The outdoors is fun, but sometimes you will fall and cut yourself.  Another thing outdoor people might have to worry about is Poison Ivy. Wow, I have never been around Poison Ivy, but for those who have, the itching is probably very uncomfortable. This Poison Ivy Treatment uses a non-toxic wash and removes the toxic oils from the Ivy.  The New-Skin Bandage is also excellent for other activities like working with wood, glass or just everyday living. Almost everyone I know, including myself, has a scar. It is possible to heal a scar faster than you ever thought before. In fact, this Scar-Fade will fade an old scar as well.

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Have you ever heard of New-Skin before? If not, now is your time to enter the New-Skin sweepstakes. You can enter for a chance to the 4-day adventure of yours, your family and friends choice! How cool is that, especially if you are an outdoorsy person. This is the ultimate sweepstakes to enter. The first 500 to enter receive a New-Skin water proof container too.


If you are wondering what the sweepstake prizes are, they include a ski trip to Breckenridge, CO, tour the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, GA or hiking in Yellowstone National Park. These a amazing sweepstake prizes to win...and you can win one of these..yeah you!

Over five years ago I learned about New-Skin Scar Fade Gel when one of my twins needed stitches. Ever since then, I keep the New-Skin Scar Fade Gel and liquid bandage in my medicine cabinet too. This is indeed, the best product to have in your medicine cabinet and car, at all times. So, tell my what you think about New-Skin products and include a link to your sweepstakes page.

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