Monday, November 28, 2011

Making Thanksgiving Crafts at Home

Last week, two days before Thanksgiving, my twins and Mommy (that is me), made a Hand print Turkey's from three construction paper colors. We used brown, orange and red for the feathers. It was fun to make and did not take too long.

For each color, my twins, and Mommy, outlined our hands on the paper. We used one hand and even though all the hand prints were supposed to match up...well...they did not..but they still turned out so cute. Along with the colored construction paper for the feathers and body, we added googly eyes and made a yellow triangle nose. After the turkey's were made, I glued them to a green background.

This was just one of four crafts we did in two or three days. Now, as cute as this craft is, wait until you see the other three crafts. You know, this is one of the good things about the Internet, you can find crafts to do with your children, or students, online instead of purchasing a craft book with crafts you might never use.

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