Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The New Way To Eat A Lunch Away From Home

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PackIt for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is a new way to eat lunch when you, or your children, are away from home. Have you heard of the PackIt lunch boxes? If not, how come? There are commercials on T.V., popular named stores sell these awesome lunch boxes and of course they are sold online. These are the best lunch boxes around, especially if your children like eating meat lunches and want their drinks to stay cold. Plus, there is no need to purchase those cold packs you will forget to place in the freezer or will thaw out and will tear. With this new way to keep lunches cold, you will never have to purchase another lunch box cold pack again.

Picture 17

There is no need to ever worry about this lunch box thawing out because it stays cold for up to 10 hours and will fit in your freezer because it folds too. This lunch box is not only for kids, but can be used for anyone on the go, take it to the office and is great for keeping baby milk bottles cold too. 

The best thing about this new lunch box is it  non toxic, sweat proof and was featured on The Martha Stewart show too. This amazing little lunch box was a brain child of two single moms looking for a better way to keep their kids lunches cold without using ice packs or filling sandwich bags with ice.

I just love this lunch box, I mean what a great idea, right? Moms no longer need to use ice packs and pray their child's food stays cold. This is the best thing since....sliced bread and for a limited time you can purchase a PackIt lunch box and get one free for only $19.95. This is awesome if you have two kids going to school or you like to take them to the park.

 So, tell me why you like the PackIt lunch box, how it is different from the "old school" lunch boxes  and what you would use it for..


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