Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twins and Mommy Making Turkey Cupcakes

This is the third of four Fall/Thanksgiving crafts. This craft was fun because we added one of TwinGirlie "A"s favorite Fall candy: candy corn. Oh this Fall season Mommy had purchased a big bag of Candy Corn because I knew TwiceGirlie "A", more than TwiceGirlie "B" likes to eat them.

So when I found this craft, snack, to make with my twins, it was fun to add the candy corn as the Turkey Feathers. Baking the yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting was easy as I baked them as cupcakes are normally baked. After they were baked, I let them cool down and I frosted the majority of the cupcakes and let the twins frost four cupcakes each.

Once all the cupcakes were frosted, Mommy, then twins (separately) added the candy corn to the back of the cupcake, one or two rows, the added Keebler Sandies Cookies as the body and two wings. When these were added, Mommy, then twins (separately) an eye and red wattle. The Turkey Cupcakes not only looked cute, they tasted good too. This craft was supposed to use Mini Sandies, but I could not find them and had to break the big ones in half and cut then to fit the cupcake.

I brought the cupcakes to my Aunt's home for Thanksgiving and we had one each, I left four with my Aunt and Uncle, and took the rest home.

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