Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cake Pops Are Fun and Easy to Make

The first time I saw cake pops was at the Starbucks Coffee Shop near my home. I saw them standing behind the glass case and my mouth began to water. Oh my, right them and there I knew I had to buy one for myself and my twins. They are the cutiest and petite treats I had ever seen.

So, I bought three cake pops, one with white, chocolate and pink frosting. About a month ago when my parents were in town, my Mom and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I was going there to look for the Cake Pop Maker. The one I really wanted was out or stock, so I bought the one for the oven. This one works great for me and probably makes more than the counter top Cake Pop Maker.

I made these Cake Pops, in a variety of designs, for the Calvary Chapel Tracy Women's Christmas Tea, and will make some more, hopefully for Christmas this weekend. They are fun and easy to make, they just take a lot of time.

Well, here are the photos I took of the Cake Pops I made.

If you are like me and love baking, this is probably the most fun you will have baking and a good investment too.

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