Sunday, December 18, 2011

These Are Scones I Made For The Calvary Chapel Tracy Woman's Christmas Tea

Last year I did not attend my churches Woman's Christmas Tea. This year, not only did I attend, I co-hosted a table with my friend Kristie. We both brought in our tea cups, plates, kettles, platters and I brought in a mini Christmas tree. The Christmas Tea was just delightful and I am so glad I attended this year.

The house certainly was full. It was nice to see so many ladies at the tea this year. I tried inviting a couple of woman, but they flat out did not want to come. I was sad, I mean why pass up on such wonderful fellowship and testimonies on how Christ is working in their lives and how much Jesus loves us (I shrug my shoulders).

Well, any way, along with my co-hosting a table, I made some scones (gingerbread and chocolate chip). The scones I made were a big hit! Yeah, they were excited me as they are so easy to make. I found these two recipes online at this one recipe website I have been going to for at least six years now. I was glad to see the ladies enjoying the desserts I made.

Before this Woman's Christmas Tea, I had made scones before. If you read my article from April, on my TwiceBabiesMom blog, during the Royal Wedding, I made scones for my twins and myself. They were a smashing hit in April as well. For the Royal Wedding, my twins and I dressed up, drank tea and eat scones in front of the television in the family room.

But I digress....

It was great to be a part of this year's Calvary Chapel Tracy Women's Christmas Tea. If the tea is around the same time as it was this year, I will do my best to attend and host another table.


Oops, I did forget to take photos of my final product,. but they looked just as good as they tasted. I do play to make some more Chocolate Chip Scones soon..

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