Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simple After Dinner Snack

If you decide to go on The Makers Diet like I am, you will have a lot of foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner..and snacks too. Oh yeah, what is a day of eating if you can not indulge after dinner on a snack of some sort?
One of the after dinner snacks I have been eating is halved strawberries and goat cheese. Have you ever had goat cheese? If not, why not. It has a flavor all its own I can tell you that. To me, it tastes a little bit sour/little bit plain. Yeah, it is strange, but addicting nonetheless. When the goat cheese is eaten with strawberry halves, it is just delicious.
Tonight though, I will have another after dinner snack (8PM): Apple slices, Almond butter ( I have this) and honey. I have all these on hand so this will make for a great snack.

Now, in The Maker's Diet book, there are a lot of other breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. The author, Jordan Rubin, wrote up example menus for every two weeks. Since this is a 40 Day diet plan that is.

There are three phases to this diet plan. Each phase has foods/drinks to eat and those to avoid. So, for each week, or every other week, you can take away or add foods which are not recommended for the phase you are in. The phases are so your body and mind will begin to detoxify of all the toxins circling around in your brain and body. In fact, I know this is the reason for foods to eat/avoid in the three phases.

I am in Phase II now. So I have more foods I can add to my meals now. Two weeks ago, I could not eat apples, this next two weeks, I can add apples and almonds to my diet. This diet is very good and I would recommend it to anyone looking to just eat better. The best thing about this diet is, it is not a diet at all. Really, these are foods you can find at any grocery store, organic grocery store or farmer's market. I am not sure where you live, but it is highly unlikely you have grass fed beef, chicken, venison. I do not have any of this in my city, so I can only eat corn fed beef, chickens,etc.

Whether I make breakfast, lunch or dinner, and the recipe asks for olive oil or coconut, I always use coconut oil. I have been using coconut oil for about four to five years now and not only does it taste good, it makes your whole home smell delicious too. Did you know coconut oil is for more than food? Yeah, it is excellent for skin. If you are not already using coconut oil for all your cooking and baking...well, it is time you switch from store bought oils..

There is only one thing I really have to improvise on when it comes to drinking and that is Raw Cow or Goat Milk. I really want to taste Raw Cow or Goat Milk..Gold, this is the true Gold....Raw Cow and Goat Milk is the GOLD..not this homogenized, watered down, totally fake milk. It is sad though that I live in the Central Valley and I am not able to find any raw cow or goat milk anywhere. Hey, how about contraband raw cow or goat milk...is there such a thing?

What is that saying, "You are with You eat!" Yeah, we say this a lot, but when your health is at risk, it takes on a whole new meaning. Okay, so if by chance, you mess up on one day of this diet, do not start over from the beginning. I mean, we are human beings and we mess up. I speak from experience as I have messed up two times now. I did not start over, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (KJV) where I know my healing resides. I am not only doing this diet for a one timer, no I want to eat this way all the time. I mean, what is the point of doing a diet if you plan on going back to the "old ways"?

Can You Smell That Rosemary and Oregano?

The the past two weeks I have been on this diet called The Makers Diet. This diet is something I have decided to do so I may be healed from the inside out. This diet is not that hard to follow and the foods are good. There are a couple of things I have to give up and this is okay.

Anyway, tonight for one of my meals, I sauteed mushrooms with garlic. I used chicken legs for dinner. The recipe is called Chicken with Mushrooms and Oregano. Well, I knew my hubby and twins would not eat this, so I did half of the chicken, plain, and chicken with honey, rosemary and oregano. For my chicken, I will eat it with the mushrooms/garlic mix. I also baked potatoes for hubby and twins. Since I did not have a sweet potato in my fridge, I baked some small red potatoes.

I am not a fan of corn, so no corn either.

Anyway, sometimes I have to improvise because I do not always have the ingredients on hand. A lot of the ingredients in the book really want me to eat grass fed beef, fowl, venison, etc. I would LOVE to eat all grass fed meat, but I am sure there is not in my city.

I will take a picture of my dinner, on my plate and post it to this article.

Bon Appetit!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Changes in Pharmacies Do Affect Customers Too

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Do You Have Left Over Christmas Cookies?

Well, I do have extra Christmas cookies left over. I think I have over twenty cookies left over. Oh goodness, I did not frost the extra cookies and it has been three and a half weeks now since Christmas Eve. Every time I go into my kitchen, I pass the cookies and say, "I need to frost these cookies or throw them away."

Finally, today I decided to make some frosting with my twins so they can help Mommy frost these cookies. I do not know about you, but I am still recovering from Christmas. My twins birthday was at the beginning of November so I always have a very busy year end..Not only do my twins have a birthday at the end of the year, so does my husband, his sister and myself.

Yeah, you would think my Christmas recovery would be over with, but I slowly recovering and I will be back on track soon.  As for my extra Christmas cookies, I am surprised my twins have not asked why we did not or have not frosted the Christmas cookies yet. Normally, my twins would have no problem asking Mommy for a "sweet" snack or for us to finish frosting these yummy Christmas cookies.

Alright, I have the ingredients needed for the frosting and I will make them red and green...and of course...add the toppings my twins like so much..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Only Am I Making Smoothies, I Just Began Juicing

I am reading this one book, The Maker's Diet, and have learned a lot about healing yourself from whatever is ailing you. I mean, I have known about eating good foods and getting rid of junk food, but the way this author talks about getting and staying healthy really  has me excited.

Along with this author, I was watching this documentary called, The Gerson Therapy, and one part of their therapy is drinking, at three times a day, veggie and fruit drinks. Now, it has only taken me almost six years to begin reading this book and when I watching this documentary on healing oneself of cancer and other diseases, I was so excited and decided to do something, be proactive, in healing myself.

If you think your GP or specialist doctor wants to make you better, think again. The specialist doctor I am seeing, he loves prescribing drugs. In fact, not even once did he suggest I make an appointment with a chiropractor, cut out the sweets or begin juicing. From my POV, he is not even looking to heal me, just keep  me pumped on drugs that only take care of the symptoms. What happened to the doctor oath to First do not harm?

From what I have been reading, doctors are not even taught in medical school how to prescribe a homeopathic or organic way to healing oneself from any ailment. I just shake my head in total disgust.

But I digress....

For the past two weeks, I have begun juicing and I love it. The fruits and veggies I have been using for my morning and afternoon drinks have been carrots, apples, spinach, pineapple, kale, celery and peaches. I do not use all these at once, but these are the fruits and veggies have used so far. Maybe I will add some garlic to my juicing too, but not too much!!

For a year now, I have been receiving a newsletter from The Juice Lady, but I do not own her book with recipe's, but Jordan Rubin recommends her.  When you are really in need or healing, going the "traditional" route may not be the only way anymore.

The Only Way is through Jesus Christ and all the fruits and veggies were provided to us, though Him. So, why not use the natural and healing foods He has given us? When you cry out to the Lord for guidance, He will hear you and show you the way you need to go for healing. This process, I know, will not happen instantly, or it may, but the whole point, IMHO, is to trust in the Lord.  

Making Smoothies At Home

This yeas for Christmas, my parents got me a smoothie/blender called the Ninja. This smoothie/blender is exactly that, a Ninja. Not only does it make smoothies, but I can use it to make bread dough, pizza dough, ice cream and smoothies.

My twins love smoothies and when my Mom saw this on QVC, she asked me to look at it online. Well, I loved it. It comes with the 40 oz container/pitcher and three 16 oz smoothie cups. This smoothie/blender also comes with its own recipe book full of ways to eat certain seasonal foods and use the blender. This recipe book also shows me what fruits and veggies to eat for Super foods.

So far, I have made a lot of smoothies, I am even thinking of making a chocolate/peanut butter smoothie. As for ice cream, I have made vanilla and vanilla/chocolate chip ice cream. Next time, I will make vanilla/caramel and vanilla/brownie ice cream.

This smoothie/blender is one of the best ways to begin the year staying healthy. Oh, and I have made delicious salsa. I am a sucker for good salsa..
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