Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Smoothies At Home

This yeas for Christmas, my parents got me a smoothie/blender called the Ninja. This smoothie/blender is exactly that, a Ninja. Not only does it make smoothies, but I can use it to make bread dough, pizza dough, ice cream and smoothies.

My twins love smoothies and when my Mom saw this on QVC, she asked me to look at it online. Well, I loved it. It comes with the 40 oz container/pitcher and three 16 oz smoothie cups. This smoothie/blender also comes with its own recipe book full of ways to eat certain seasonal foods and use the blender. This recipe book also shows me what fruits and veggies to eat for Super foods.

So far, I have made a lot of smoothies, I am even thinking of making a chocolate/peanut butter smoothie. As for ice cream, I have made vanilla and vanilla/chocolate chip ice cream. Next time, I will make vanilla/caramel and vanilla/brownie ice cream.

This smoothie/blender is one of the best ways to begin the year staying healthy. Oh, and I have made delicious salsa. I am a sucker for good salsa..

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