Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Only Am I Making Smoothies, I Just Began Juicing

I am reading this one book, The Maker's Diet, and have learned a lot about healing yourself from whatever is ailing you. I mean, I have known about eating good foods and getting rid of junk food, but the way this author talks about getting and staying healthy really  has me excited.

Along with this author, I was watching this documentary called, The Gerson Therapy, and one part of their therapy is drinking, at three times a day, veggie and fruit drinks. Now, it has only taken me almost six years to begin reading this book and when I watching this documentary on healing oneself of cancer and other diseases, I was so excited and decided to do something, be proactive, in healing myself.

If you think your GP or specialist doctor wants to make you better, think again. The specialist doctor I am seeing, he loves prescribing drugs. In fact, not even once did he suggest I make an appointment with a chiropractor, cut out the sweets or begin juicing. From my POV, he is not even looking to heal me, just keep  me pumped on drugs that only take care of the symptoms. What happened to the doctor oath to First do not harm?

From what I have been reading, doctors are not even taught in medical school how to prescribe a homeopathic or organic way to healing oneself from any ailment. I just shake my head in total disgust.

But I digress....

For the past two weeks, I have begun juicing and I love it. The fruits and veggies I have been using for my morning and afternoon drinks have been carrots, apples, spinach, pineapple, kale, celery and peaches. I do not use all these at once, but these are the fruits and veggies have used so far. Maybe I will add some garlic to my juicing too, but not too much!!

For a year now, I have been receiving a newsletter from The Juice Lady, but I do not own her book with recipe's, but Jordan Rubin recommends her.  When you are really in need or healing, going the "traditional" route may not be the only way anymore.

The Only Way is through Jesus Christ and all the fruits and veggies were provided to us, though Him. So, why not use the natural and healing foods He has given us? When you cry out to the Lord for guidance, He will hear you and show you the way you need to go for healing. This process, I know, will not happen instantly, or it may, but the whole point, IMHO, is to trust in the Lord.  

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