Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summer Bulb Stems Are Already Coming Up

Last week I wrote about my twins and Mommy digging and dropping our bulbs into the dirt. The bulbs we planted are supposed to be for summer time. Well, they are coming up now. As in, still winter now. In the part of the state I live in though, it feels more like spring time. The mornings are a bit chilly, but when afternoon rolls around, the chill goes away and the sun comes out.

I might  have written about this before, but my city has only had two days, if I am not mistaken, of rain this year. Yeah, two days! I do not know whether to laugh or cry. I mean we need rain for our flowers and crops to grow.

The month of February is coming to a close and March is on our heels. What is the weather going to be like in March? Will there be enough rain to grow our flowers and food? This is not good people. Look, I am not wanting rain to saturate the ground, that could be bad. All I want is enough rain to allow my flowers and food to grow.

Aside from the rain not coming down in the winter months, as it is supposed to, the sun is at least showing. I guess one out of the two is alright, right? No, no, no! This is not right at all. Oh and another vital component to my flowers and garden growing are bees. Where are the bees? If I am lucky, I will see two or three bees a week..a week...are you kidding me!

Do you see where I am going with this? Flowers and gardens can not grow without sun, water and you guessed it bees...honey bees..and the bees have been vanishing for quite some time now. This is not a good thing and is more or less due to chemicals being sprayed over all the crops.

Well, if this is colony collapse is ever fixed, it will be a miracle....and we need a miracle in America and around the world when it comes to saving our food source and flowers too.

Here are two photos I took of my front yard bulbs already coming up. I have only watered them three times since I planted them and the green stems are already coming up. I showed you, I think last week, the green stems of my bulbs from last year are already coming up and the flowers are about to open. Yes, about to open. This weather is not only odd, but uncalled for. This change in weather changes everything.

Okay, here are my two photos:

Yeah, as much as I love spring and summer, I do not like it when the seasons can't stay where they are supposed to be. You know, Winter (3 months) of rain and snow, Spring (3 months) rain and more rain, Summer (3 months) heat and more heat and Fall (3 months) cool and cooler weather. It seems the seasonal calendar has become confused and I am just wondering how it became so confused. This is a retorical question by the way. I know what is happening, but if you want to know, do your research.

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