Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What To Do When Your Favorites List Gets To Long, Just Clipix

When you find a website you like, what do you do to save it? Do you add it to your favorites list like the majority of people do? Yeah, I bet you do. Or you forget to add the website, article or whatever, to your favorites page and you have to type in what you want over and over again. This could become annoying after a while. Well now there is a better way to keep track of all the websites, articles, photos, recipes and so forth on one website. This website is call clipix. With this website, all you have to do is download their favorites button to your toolbar. It is that easy. Then, when you find something you like and or want to share with family or friends, you just click on the Clipix button, it will be saved to the clipix website and bingo, you are done. Now, you can go back to that website whenever you want and it is easy now to share what you like with whomever you like.

If you want to see how it works here is a video showing you how easy it is: 



Here is what my Clipix website look like and what I have added to it.


The above image is what it looks like as I am adding a website, article, recipe or anything to my Clipix page. This is what happens, with the dialog box, after I click on the Clipix button on my toolbar. Now, this is what my Clipix page looks like after I have added some websites I like and frequent often:




See how easy this is and you can do this too. It takes no time at all and is an amazing tool to use and share with your family and friends alike. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up at Clipix right now and begin saving all your favorite websites, articles, recipes and so much more.

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