Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tulip Time Is Here And They Make For Beautiful Gifts Too!

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Tulips are so beautiful. They are like a small package that grows each Sprig season and shows all their lovely colors. Walking past a group of tulips or smelling them will put a smile on your face. Having said that, tulips make for great gifts, especially for the Easter season. Even though roses are something nice to give on any give day, receiving some tulips  will put a smile on anyone's face, especially your  Mom, sister, girlfriend or wife's face. You can not go wrong when giving a gift that will not have to be returned. A vase of cut tulips will look so beautiful on a dining room table, coffee table, bedside table or windowsill.  

Did you know making tulip crafts with kids can be fun? Well they can and couple of project ideas they can do with you. Here is one of the Tulip Time projects. This is easy and can be put together in no time.

jelly bean tulips 1.jpg

The materials needed for this delicious project are: Cut Tulips, Jelly Bean Candy, 2 Glass Vases (Small/Large). Now all you do is place the small vase into the large vase. arrange the jelly beans in between the two vases, pour water into the small vase and insert as many Tulips are you like (one color or multi colors) for a lovely Easter/Spring gift.

to go tulips.jpg

The materials needed for this adorable project are: Cut Tulips, Decorative Easter Egg Chinese 'To Go' Box and Glass Jar. Now all you have to do is place the glass jar in the middle of the decorative box, fill the glass jar with water and insert the cut tulips. 

These projects are easy, simple and delightful to look at and receive. 

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