Friday, July 20, 2012

Burpee Vegetable Seeds are GMO Free

If you anything about GMO seeds, then you know my thoughts on GMO seeds and why they are bad for our bodies and minds. About 90% of Americans want GMO foods labeled. Monsanto, the company that manufactures (yes, manufactures) these seeds does not want this to happen. Americans think the FDA have a responsibility to label foods grown with GMO seeds.

The company, Monsanto who manufacturer's GMO seeds, now has immunity from the law. Really? If these GMO foods were so good for us, Monsanto would not be fighting this in court and having a rider added to protect them from lawsuits against farmers and American citizens.

With that said, for all my family and friends who are growing, or want to grow, their own vegetable gardens, Burpee is a company that has been around since the 1876 in Philadelphia. The Burpee company offers their clients the latest variety of seeds that offer a better yield and disease resistance.
For customers who want to grow an organic garden, non-GMO seeds, they offer their seeds that are never chemically treated. Burpee says they have never sold GMO seeds and never will now or in the future.

Here is the article on  Burpee, GMO And Monsanto Rumors Put To Rest. Burpee has been accused of being owned by Monsanto, this is not true. It is really a shame that a company such as this has to be attacked in the manner. When one is going the right thing and not cow towing to the big, bad, biotech Monsanto, they are more likely than not, going to be attacked.

These lies would harm any company who has been in business for over 125 years. It is no wonder the President and CEO, George Ball, had to write this letter to his clientele. Defending as company like this should never have to take place, but a company like Monsanto is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to 'take down' a company that is respectful of nature and their customers needs.

Right now Burpee says It's Time to Plant Your Fall Vegetable Garden! Save $5 off Your Order of $30 or More with Coupon AFFALL5. Expires 7/23. Along with this offer, current and new customers, can Save 10% on orders of $40 or more with code BURPEE1040 through 7/31 at!

Our health is at stake my friends, and if need be, we must resist this biotech company Monsanto. Genetically Modified (Engineered) Organisms, do not belong in our bodies or minds.

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