Monday, July 23, 2012

My Vegetable (Zucchini & Summer Squash) and Myers Lemon Garden is Growing

My garden is growing and growing and it looks so nice. I am growing green zucchini and yellow summer squash. Some of the squash plants are dying off and leaving room for the plants that are getting bigger. This is what I expected to happen. Since this is really my first vegetable garden, I am just gitty to see how nice and big the zucchini is growing. This morning I was watering my garden and I finally see a single yellow flower on my zucchini. Oh yeah! I was so happy to finally see something flowering. I knew if flowers began to appear on a particular vegetable plant, that means a vegetable is about to appear. I can not wait to see how big this zucchini will grow. My parents are also growing zucchini. Their zucchini was huge! One must have been as big as my forearm. I brought one home from my vacation, ate some for dinner and shredded up the rest for zucchini bread.

I am still waiting to see my summer squash flower and some of these plants are dying off too. I am actually glad because I saw my parents garden and their plants were huge! I have to confess, I did plant more seeds than were needed, but I wanted to make sure somethng began to grow.So, along with the zucchini and summer squash growing, so to are my tomatoes. Even before summer began, I was planting my tomatoe seeds. As expected, they did not survive because their time to grow was not yet. That was alright, I kept re planting the seeds anyway. Yes, I am a novice gardener and will learn by trial and error. Two weeks ago I re planted two varieties of tomoato seeds. Someone told me tomatoes love water. So I have been watering this tomato pot like crazy. These seeds seem to love the water and so do I. I can not wait to see them begin to flower and grow. I think I am going to try a fried green tomato too.

Next to my tomato pot are jalepeno seeds. Just like my tomoato seeds, I have re planted them more than once as well. I am sure I re planted the jalepeno seeds two weeks ago too. Now, I am still waiting for something to come out of the dirt. I used to make my own salsa all the time. It has been years since I have made salsa. Just like my tomato seeds, I planted more than one variety of pepper seeds.                                                                      

Finally here is my Dwarf Myers Lemon Tree.This tree is the same size as it was when I purchased it. My parents have a Dwarf Myers Lemon Tree and their is in the ground and way much bigger than mine is. I am not sure how big this will get since it is in a pot. Anyway, this is my lemon tree and look how nicely it is growing. Last month I saw two tiny lemons on the tree and I was so excited. Then at the end of last month I saw another lemon appear. Two weeks ago I see my lemon tree exploding with blossoms! I told my husband, "Looks like the honey bees have been very busy!" I was just so excited and can not wait to see how many flowers will turn into lemons that will survive.

I love lemons and hopefully the flowering lemons will all survive. My twins want to make lemonade. These are some more photos of how nicely my lemon tree is growing and how busy the bees are and how bees are very important to our food supply. Never take a bee for granted, for when and if you do, it may be the day we no longer have any more food.

The two lemons growing on one side of my lemon tree.

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