Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer is my Favorite Season, so is Keeping Cool

Aside from a body of water nearby to keep you cool, you  have to have a drink to also keep you cool. Whether it is winter, spring, summer of fall, I am always..always drinking coffee. If the weather is cold, I am drinking hot coffee. If the weather is warm (hot), I am drinking iced coffee.

One thing I like about Starbucks Coffee is they come out with a lot of new flavors for the VIA coffee packs. Right now you can get the New at Starbucks! Starbucks VIA Refreshers™ in Cool Lime. This is an excellent addition to the line of delicious Starbucks Coffees. These Starbucks VIA Refreshers™ Cool Lime taste great because they include kaffir lime with a little bit of mint and some cucumber and apple. This new VIA also has the natural energy of green, unroasted coffee beans.

This is a totally new way to drink instant coffee on the go and still get that refreshing Starbucks  taste you get from no other coffee company. When you think of summer, one fruit that usually comes to mind for some people are limes. Limes are somewhat bitter/sweet tasting. Limes are great for making salsas, adding to fish tacos, as a garnish, adding to adult drinks and now coffee.
Another VIA coffee on the go you might like is the New at Starbucks! Starbucks VIA Refreshers™ in Very Berry Hibiscus. Starbucks VIA Refreshers™ Very Berry Hibiscus is another great addition to flavors of summer. This VIA drink has ingredients such as tangy blackberry with a hint of hibiscus, some sweet ginger and lemongrass. This new VIA is also paired with natural energy from green, unroasted coffee beans.

It seems Starbucks is getting better as they continue to grow. This is especially true as they keep expanding their line of coffees on the go.

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