Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Cook's Garden Fall Specials

Fall, can you see it, feel it and smell it yet? If not, it is just around the corner. In my backyard, a lot of leaves are already falling from my very large tree. The leaves actually began falling a couple weeks ago. This morning I walk outside and there are a lot more leaves falling. Even though it is still summer, the weather is between summer and fall right now. It is is humid at times, with clouds overhead.
It seems the seasons are confused right now. Well, whatever the reason is for this strange mixture of seasons, it is time to
Start Your Fall Salad Garden Now at! Save $10 on any Order of $40 or More with Coupon CAFFLEAF through 8/20. I just purchased some more seeds from Cook's Garden, but have not planted them yet. I am still seeing my summer fruits and veggies come up. Isn't it just wonderful when you can purchase heirloom seeds, plant them, see them grow into beautiful (good tasting) food you can eat from your own backyard? Well, you know it is! This is the only way to eat food these days.

If you are buying foods in your grocery store, those fruits and veggies, more likely than not, have no flavor whatsoever. The grocery store food usually has not nutrients anymore and are grown from GMO seeds. Growing your own foods is easy, a labor of love and well worth it.

Right now, my tomatoes are coming up, the green part that is. I feed my tomatoes everyday and they just keep growing and growing. I am seeing my onions growing too. I think I am growing sweet onions, if I am not mistaken. The lettuce I am growing, I have it growing in two different places. In one place,the lettuce is growing real fast and in the other place, even though in the sun, see growing not so fast.

The zucchini I am growing is really producing more flowers. The zucchini finally began flowering last week and I am so excited to see at least 5 to 6 zucchinis pretty soon.

See, it is exciting growing your own food. It is, and will be, rewarding for you, your family and you friends too.

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